Complete crap

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’m a lazy little s**t with a mouth that makes your ears bleed. I’m all out of ideas.



One of the best and worst places on the Internet. I honestly don’t think I can express the part it has played in my life. I was never one for social networking to be honest. There is way too much drama on there and I’m also too young to actually create an account, since have to be 13 or something. But YouTube is different. (I’m not talking about age restrictions) YouTubers like PewDiePie, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, jacksepticeye,… Well, you get the point. They are very inspirational people that have sacrificed their time and effort just to make others happy. Why would anybody do that in the world we live in now? I know, I know, they do get paid but their sincerity and compassion made them the people they are today. You might not want to be a YouTuber, but it doesn’t matter who you are and its on the inside that counts.

Conscience: First things first, that is cheesier than a f****** macaroni cheese.2, that has literally nothing whatsoever to do with YouTubers or why it has played a huge part in your life. 3, it makes sense at all.

I know, so f*** off. I’m talking to my conscience! Anyways, my point is that you need to be a nice person. Which I find hard to do because I am an annoying, sarcastic twat. But you’ll be able to, I’m sure. Unless you are like me. You are probably going to be freaked out by a crazy 11-year-old who puts in what her conscience is saying in her head. Sad, I know.

I could literally go on for the entire post how freaking awesome IISUPERWOMANII is but I’ve decided not to… But either way, try these YouTubers if you don’t watch them:

  • danisnotonfire 
  • AmazingPhil 
  • PewDiePie (surely you’ve heard of him?)
  • jacksepticeye 
  • Markiplier
  • ThatcherJoe 
  • Connor Franta- he’s frantastic… I am so sorry
  • Smosh
  • Cinnamontoastken
  • Tyler Oakley
  • Joey Graceffa
  • nigahiga 


Anonymous Dork, over and out

🎶Song of le post🎶 Love on me-Galantis

Can’t be bothered with the link- sorry but it doesn’t work anymore 😡

Panic! At The Disco (and my birthday)

My birthday is some day in October but I’m not telling you when since you can stalk me and find out who I am. I have received numerous gifts from my acquaintances (fanc-! No, it’s articulate!!!! [<—– REBEL! I used more than 1 exclamation mark! I am so sorry…] {If you get the danisnotonfire reference right there, you are probably my soul sibling})

I’m sure some (if not, most) of you peoplez reading this know Panic! At The Disco. In case I haven’t clarified this, I must establish the fact that I listen to loads of music and most of them are from different artists and bands but almost my entire playlist consists of bands like Years and Years, 5SOS, Bastille (yes b*****s, deal with it), The Vamps and, of course,  Panic! At The Disco. And rap music. Actually, quite a few songs I listen to are either rap or a combo of singing and rap like Me, Myself and I. Another genre (such a weird word) is stuff like Avicii, DJ Snake, Major Lazer. They are just pleasant to my ears.I’m listening to music right now actually! (Rest Your Love by The Vamps) 


 Anonymous Dork, over and out

🎶Song of the post🎶

Build God, Then We’ll Talk by Panic! At The Disco (Oh, come on, what did you expect?)

BTW, I recommend listening to all of theirs, Years and Years’ and 5SOS’ songs because they’re amazeballs. And the others I mentioned. They’re amazeballs too… 

I didn’t recommend I Write Sins, Not Tragedies for the fact that authentic fans will know more than just 10 of their songs and know that Brendon Urie was not the only member until 1 year ago. Also his name is Brendon, not Brandon. 


For all you Bros out there you’ll understand what I mean when I say Pewds’ new game is addictive. For those who don’t know PewDiePie (you must have been living under a rock if you don’t know who he is), his channel is the most subscribed to channel on YouTube with an ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL 48 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! He has another game out called Tuber Simulator and once you start playing it, you simply won’t be able to stop. I am not going to go into detail about the game apart from the fact that it is f*****g awesome and you need tons of restraint and will power (both of which I just don’t have) to stop playing it for more than 5 minutes. I spent almost the entire day playing it and got majorly told off for playing it too much. I have loads of homework to do now….


Anonymous Dork, over and out

🎶Song of the post🎶 Girls Talk Boys- 5 Seconds Of Summer 

I know that you might not know this but I really like 5SOS songs it turns out. The Vamps are pretty good too so I listen to them too. Occasionally.



This word could mean anything. The definition could have been anything. The fact that words could mean absolutely nothing whatsoever has been going around my head and is seriously confusing me. I can’t describe it because there are literally no words for it (pun not intended)

Conscience: Oh, who are you kidding? Sorry if I just killed you with an absolutely terrible pun, the idiotic side of me just had to. I think I may have a dual personality problem or something.

I’ve lost it. I forgot what I was going to type. F**k it. I give up. I’m so dumb. Sometimes I wonder what the point of this blog because nobody reads it. Sad, I know… You and me are reading this though😄.


Anonymous Dork, over and out

🎶Song of the post🎶 Final Song- MØ


The holidays are almost finished!

Summer vacation for all you Americans. Anyways, in Britain, some children are dreading going back to school while others are excited AF to see their friends again. I’m kind of in the middle because I’m kind of excited about secondary school, but most of my friends will not be there…😢 and I’m just straight up socially awkward sooooooo making new friends isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Also the secondary I’m going to has a new principal, is HUGE and also is regarded as an excellent school by OFSTED (if you don’t know what that is, look it up because you’ll be REALLY confused if you don’t). No pressure, huh?

I have LITERALLY no idea how it’s going to turn out. I really hope there aren’t any bullies and I don’t get bullied if there are. (Call me a coward ’cause I don’t give one, two or three.)

Did you know that songs really help stress? I listen to music most of the time but I broke my earphones last week and now I am in a seriously bad mood😡. So I’ve sent my dad on an earphone hunt just because…

Anonymous Dork, over and out

🎶Song of the post🎶

Shine-Years and Years

An announcement that is kind of random!

I’m going to start recommending a song everytime I post! It’s going to be the song I felt like listening to that day. Quite a few of them will be in the charts anyway but still.

Conscience: The people reading this would probably get a recommendation every century or so since you barely post! Seriously?

Whatever. My conscience is seriously a killjoy. Like me. I’m sorry I barely post. I don’t know why I don’t post regularly… I hope you understand.


Anonymous Dork, over and out

🎶Song of the post🎶

Wild Things-Alessia Cara <—– click on this or go to YouTube and search it!